Is Your Unit Just Not Cutting It?


At AAA-1, we understand what it means to work hard, earn your money and spend it wisely. We understand that you want your family to be comfortable. Not just in the home, but financially as well. That’s why we work with our distributors to bring you the best deals we can.

AAA-1 Heating & Cooling  and Amana are teaming up to do just that!!

From now until the end of June 2017, we are offering


to customers who purchase an Amana system with a 16 seer or higher.

We’re not stopping there either!

We provide YEAR ROUND Financing on Amana products!

We’re not crazy! We just want to make sure you have the coolest summer possible!

Call us today at 423-416-AAA1 (2221) to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE!

For More Information Check out the Amana Website:

(Disclaimer: In the deal made with AMANA and AAA-1, the plan does not transfer from original homeowner to new homeowner if original homeowner were to move.)