We are in a digital age with almost everything available at our fingertips.


We are able to purchase items, groceries, automobiles and just about any kind of service from our own mobile devices and computers. All we have to do is tap a button and it will show up at our front door. This even includes purchasing HVAC units from certain sites.

In a world that encourages DIY and instant gratification, that may seem like a good idea; however, there are quite a few issues to consider. When purchasing a new unit, there is more to look at than just price. The customer gets a better deal online, but if they call around to find someone to install it, they will soon find out that the companies with good reputations, insurance and certified technicians will say no. Isn’t that what we all want when dealing with a big purchase? Don’t we want someone who has a good reputation, is insured and certified?

It’s very hard to properly size the HVAC unit you need. Even if it’s the right “size number,” that doesn’t mean it will fit. Trained technicians can adequately size and address the structure by looking at the site where the unit is supposed to go. If a unit is improperly sized, it can cause a number of problems. It can have poor system performance causing higher utility bills. It can also cause faulty connections between the existing duct work and new equipment. It’s safe to say improper sizing can cost you more money in the long run, and sometimes immediately.

HVAC Systems are designed to be installed by certified technicians. Installing a unit includes electrical, gas and refrigerant connections. There are laws, codes and guidelines regulated by federal, state and local levels to make sure this is done correctly and safely. For these reasons, not only can improperly installing the system cause low performance, but can also risk personal safety.

When ordering units directly, it takes away what a qualified contractor provides. To provide proper installation, a contractor must visit the site, sometimes perform load calculations and duct sizing. Not to mention you lose out on certain labor & service warranties that HVAC companies may be promoting. In fact, most manufacturers do not give any warranty coverage to equipment bought over the Internet.  It is attractive that online providers give customers a price that is cheaper than certified HVAC companies. But remember that’s all they are offering. They can’t offer customers the company/consumer relationship, service, support or anything that a certified HVAC contractor can give you.

Our best advice is to give us a call. Let us help you directly. When you call, you will see that you’re not just an account number or credit card. Your household’s comfort is very important to us! Let us hear your needs and personally show you what we can do to provide them. Our technicians are licensed, insured and trained to do the job correctly. We will be with you from the beginning to the end, all while answering every question you have and overseeing that every step is completed correctly. 423-416-AAA1(2221)



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