Doctors recommend having a physical once a year. This helps you maintain any health concerns you might have. Auto mechanics suggest you bring your car in after so many miles for an oil change and tire rotation. This is to help prolong the life the vehicle. The same thing goes for your home’s or business’s heating & cooling system. It is recommended that you have a Preventative Maintenance (a tune-up) twice a year; once in Spring and once in Fall.

It’s easy when you’re in good health to neglect your yearly physical. However, you should not do the same with your furnace.


Why Schedule a Fall Preventative Maintenance:

  • You Can Lower Utility Bills- our technicians can ensure everything is operating to the best of it’s ability. Which in the long run saves you $ on your bills.
  • Prolongs Lifespan of Furnace-Just like a doctor can help you be in the best health, having a preventative maintenance can help your furnace be in it’s best health as well.
  • You Can Save $ On Repairs- This is a great way to catch problems as they are developing. If a repair is needed, it’s more affordable to fix something minor than to have to fully replace later.
  • Improves Air Quality & Comfort- When you clean the unit, it can help increase cleaner air indoors.
  • You’re Securing Your Manufacturer Warranty- If your unit is still within manufacturer warranty years, this secures your replacement of anything covered in that warranty. If you read the fine print, you’ll find most manufactueres will not uphold their part of the contract if you do not have preventative maintenance at least once a year. That way it will be clear if anything goes wrong, it was not your fault because you have done everything required.
  • You Can Rest Easy- You can sit back and relax all winter long knowing you’re less than likely going to experience a problem.

How to Schedule Your Furnace Preventative Maintenance:

It’s a simple as 1,2,3!

  1. You can either call us at 423-416-2221 or contact us here by website & we can get back in touch with you during regular business hours.
  2. Schedule a time when is most convenient for YOU
  3. For more details on what we do during the service & how you can be put in our system to come out once or twice a year,  click this link to check out our  AAA-1 H&C Preventative-Maintenance-Agreement.

Make Sure that you check out our Specials for Coupons on Preventative Maintenances and more!


Keep AAA-1 in mind for all your Heating & Cooling Needs!


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